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Name:Oren Beck
Birthdate:Oct 24
Location:United States of America
I'm the gray haired oldster who makes things work again and keeps them working. One of my Job Categories is "Senior Engineer"

My "reasons" for creating this DW account include airing creative/artistic works of mine and a platform for signal boosting worthy causes etc.

Blogger's been nice but it's granularity leaves much to be desired. And my blogger's more for the "me" that's the boringly mundane techie. This one's to show my Fandom etc leanings. And my writings. LJ's been in a race with FB for Privacy abuses so I have to be mindful of their fail modes. Reason being? There's a difference between someone grepping for any dirt on me that I've authored or reposted/Signal Boosted and having it Linked by Blatant Exploitation of trust.

***SOME STUFF MAY BE NSFW and/or Maturity Check warning for blunt Reality plus Graphic Fantasy/Fictions.. *******

I'm Married and *NOT* seeking any other romances. Means what it says- Kthks.

Interests (10):

camping. making the world a better place., computers, current: liaden books by lee and miller, everything but rap., maker/hacker culture., music, nearly no tv, random whatever catches my fancy, reading, science fiction
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